TMC Australia was established in 1936 and is today recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of static induction equipment. Since 1968, the company has been owned and managed by Carlo Vaccari, who now intends to expand the technical and productive capabilities of TMC Spain to encompass the wide variety of induction equipment produced in Australia.

“State of the Art” design processes and production machinery have enabled TMC Australia to consistently meet its customers’ exacting specifications with economical solutions.

The stability and success of TMC Australia over more than 8 decades is attributed to an ingrained tradition of product excellence, customer focus and continuous product improvement.  This tradition is now augmented by the experience of TMC Spain in the mass production of vacuum cast resin transformers.

TMC Spain and TMC Australia both now have the capability to design and build transformers and reactors to meet an extensive range of standard and special customer requirements.  The group enjoys a particular reputation for designing and manufacturing to customer specifications that are considered non-standard.

The technical strengths of TMC Spain and TMC Australia are immediately combined to facilitate the design and manufacture of the most sophisticated transformers and reactors in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Capabilities now include:

  • Vacuum Cast Resin Encapsulated Transformers
  • Special Oil Cooled Transformers
  • Aircored and Ironcored Reactors
  • Motorstarting Autotransformers
  • Neutral Earthing Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Water Cooled Transformers
  • Water Cooled Transformers
  • Motorstarting Reactors
  • Furnace Coils
TMC Spain continues with its mission as a leading manufacturer of cast resin transformers with the added expertise introduced by its new owner.  Current Commitments include substantial financial and capital investments required for its evolving capabilities